Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Finally an update!

Okay so a recap of the remodel
All wall strips and trim molding were removed from walls
Whole house was primered first, then drywall seams were taped and floated
Whole house was shot with orange peel texture then painted
So far no problems at all with paint peeling or chipping
All carpet was pulled out and replaced with laminate wood flooring
Replaced all interior doors and door knobs
Installed ceiling fans in all bedrooms and living room
Replaced mirrors and fixtures in both bathrooms
It was alot of work and could not have done it without my family especially
my two brother in laws and uncle.

Dining Room

Dining Room

Kitchen/new light fixtures

Living Room/added ceiling fan


Bar Island

Kitchen Laminate "click" Flooring

Kitchen Island

Living Room


Natural wood look "click" laminate flooring

Close up of new trim

Closeup of orange peel texture shot through whole house

Hallway with brand new doors and lever door handles

New doors close up with all new trim around door and on floor

New mirror and faucet in kids bath

New faucet

More pics of the rest of house to come!
If you have any questions of the how-to's let me know.


  1. Wow! what a great transformation! You did a fantastic job on your home. I'm your newest follower. I'd love to have you visit my blog

  2. Love what you've done. Did you have to do anything special to your walls before adding the texture? Our strips are down, but not sure what to do next to get the look of "real" walls. Yours is fab!

  3. We have strips up our walls too and was wondering once they are taken down if you can dry wall over the walls or have to get all new drywall?

  4. You cant mud the strip lines. They will crack because mobile homes shift. I learned this the hard way. A contractor told me i shouldve caulked them, not mudded. I have not redone them yet but i will soon. God help us all. :)

  5. Please email me. having problems replacing all interior trim. How do you do this. Removed all old trim and having issues finding replacement trim. Thanks

  6. Oh those dreadful strips. I absolutely hate, hate, hate them. Your house looks great. Did you not have a problem with some of your seams where you took the strips off being uneven? If so how did you fix that? I want to take mine down but not sure how to fix the uneven seams. Thanks

  7. We did the very same thing. Took down the strips, primed, mud and taped the seams, then textured. It has been 3 years and no cracking. We are working on solid wood doors and trim next.:) Great job on your remodel.